Current projects

Current projects

Printmaking & value : the role of reproductibility (2013 – …)

Q-method and data visualisation (2015 – …)

COST – European Action “New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital
Beginning: May 2012, 4 years

keywords: print media, packaging, digital media, social interaction, printed electronics

The goal of this Action is to promote discussion on the benefits that may be achieved from novel combinations of print and digital. It will also be used to enhance innovations that will make use of the benefits of both print and electronic media as well as innovations where print and electronic media are combined. Several examples exist where successful combinations have been achieved e.g. through the use of image recognition, augmented reality or printed electronics to bring interactivity into fiber based products. To give the forest industry a competitive edge this Action will focus on new innovations by combining knowledge of the end users with most recent technological achievements. New models of ongoing change in social interaction and in the cultural products of paper and electronic media will be elaborated and proposed. The results will promote critical and theoretical discussion on the changing meanings of contemporary media culture. The Action will explore new business opportunities for the fiber based products and the value chains of print media and packaging through novel, innovative uses. It will also serve as a channel for communication between industry and academia, thus contributing to the development of new commercial applications.

VALEUR(S) project
Beginning: September 2011, 4 years

VALEURS is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on the value of culture for territories (more information on

Within this project, I focus of the use of social media for cultural institutions communication. The objective is to assess the degree of use of such online communication by cultural institutions and its impacts on the “audience”. The subgroup researching social media use is composed of researchers in marketing (myself and Christine Petr) and researchers in informatics (Pascale  Kuntz-Cosperec). Three groups of master students are helping us on this project. The expected outcome is a view of cultural institutions practices, a visualization of social networks (on FB and Tw) and an explaining framework of the observed network structure.

IQ-AR / International Q-study of Augmented Reality
Beginning: 2011; 6 years

This is in link with one PhD project about the use and acceptation of AR as a means of marketing communication. Perceptions have already been collected using Q method by Stéphanie Gauttier (now continuing in PhD) and Mareike Schubert. We hope to duplicate this study in Finland, UK and Italy.

Search Marketing

On-going research efforts are dedicated to the study of search engine marketing, and particularly keyword advertising. Following the publication of research in Electronic Markets, and Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

My colleague Yves Roy and I are now conducting a third experiment focusing on the writing of keyword advertising.

C/CM – Center for Customer Management
Beginning: September 2011, ongoing

This research group has been initiated by Pierre Volle. visit the website.


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