Statistical Textual Analysis: How nice!

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STSTEXTTextual statistics methods were developped more than two decades ago combining differents disciplines : linguitics, discourse analysis, statistics, information technology, and survey processing.
They have been applied to a wide variety of topics (in history, marketing, sociology, etc.) and different objects: open questions, interview analysis, written transcripts, documents, novels…
Two main approaches can be identified:
* French approach : following the seminal work of Benzécri,
* CAQDAS : computer aided qualitative data analysis systems.
The book entitled “Analyse statistiques des données textuelles en Sciences de Gestion” I coordinated with D. Peyrat-Guillard welcomes explanotory as well as illustrative contributions by: M. Reinert, P. Marchand, S. Labbé & P. Marchand, D. Peyrat-Guillard, A. Helme-Guizon & M.L. Gavard-Perret, C. Gauzente & C. Gonzalez. It is prefaced by L. Lebart and postfaced by J. Rojot.
We hope this method to spread within the management research community.
Link to the book
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Marketing & ethics

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A quick and short note to refer to the chapter written with Professor Hervé Fenneteau about marketing’s ability to be “responsible”. We present Kotler’s seminal work and his proposal of a “social marketing” and the subsequent critics of this view. We also suggest a four cells matrix in order to clarify the debate of “whether marketing should be responsible or not”.RESPSOC
link to the book : Responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise (2006), coord. JJ Rosé, Ed. De Boeck.

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