A consumer stance at search engine marketing

June 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Special issue International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, vol. 5, 1/2, 2009
Guest editors : C. Gauzente & C. Gonzalez

In February 2008, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) announced that “Internet advertising revenues for 2007 are estimated to grow to $21.1 billion, a 25 percent increase over the previous revenue record of nearly $16.9 billion for full year 2006”. Part of this dramatically increasing internet advertising investments are sponsored links. Parallel to this, 61 billions of queries have been made on search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Baidu) by 754.5 millions of internet users –Comscore, August 2007.
Taken together those two facts explain the irresistible rise of search engine marketing.

While the practice of search engine marketing (i.e. advertising techniques used on search engines, such as sponsored links or paid placements, search engine optimisation) and, more generally, search marketing (i.e. advertising techniques used during the search process of internet users, which clearly goes beyond search engines) is developing and taking a growing importance in advertising strategies, academic research has, to this date, dedicated very few efforts to the understanding of search engine marketing. A certain number of IS studies have investigated rank allocation mechanisms; however the marketing field and consumer behaviour are virtually unexplored.

This special issue is aimed at delivering academic research about consumer’s perception, understanding and reactions in face of search engine marketing techniques. It is also aimed at disseminating conceptual and theoretical considerations about advertisements that are produced in response to consumer’s or user’s search action, which is a notable difference compared to traditional unidirectional advertising.
See the table of content.


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